Outrigger Resort

Whilst seeking a more energy efficient and reliable solution to replace their existing plant, the Outrigger Resort in Guam had to find a solution that not only would provide savings, but that could be configured to their unique sizing constraints.

The Outrigger Resort is a highly sort after resort in Guam, and their need for increased reliabilty, and energy efficiency prompted them to contact our Partner, Gary Mortimer from Power Management Systems, who was able to assess their needs and come up with an ideal solution. Working together with Smardt, we were able to configure our chillers to fit within the unique size constraints of the plant room, and deliver the first 2 chillers in 2012, to replace 1 Trane Centrifugal chiller and 1 Trane Screw chiller.

These Trane chillers were replaced with 1 Smardt 425RT Chiller and 1 Smardt 255RT chiller in 2012.

Based on the reliability and energy savings achieved by these first two chillers, in 2014 an additional Smardt 425RT was added to replace the last 2 remaining Trane Centrifugal chillers.

The Outrigger is pleased to report that they are achieving average annual savings of approximately 40%.


1 x WA145 (425 RT) installed 2012

1 x WA092 (255 RT) installed 2012

1 x WA145 (425 RT) installed 2014